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HILA Skateboard Upcycling (4)


HILA Skateboard Upcycling
Handmade unique products from a workshop in Friedrichshain

Upcycling is better than downcycling. And wood is always better than plastic.
HILA Skateboard Upcycling gives old used skateboards a new identity and purpose in life, a sort of renaissance in a new apparel. Broken decks become keychains, refrigerator magnets, bracelets, chains, clipboards or whatever the two skaters from Friedrichshain come up with. They founded HILA in their living room at the beginning of 2015.

Today, they no longer produce HILA products at the coffee table, but on a workbench in their own workshop. Thus, the place of production has changed, but not the kind of production. Each part is self-designed and handmade. From the idea to the finishing. For this purpose,HILA does not only need creative ideas, and technical skills but also all sorts of different saws, and an outrageously high amount of sandpaper.

Each piece a unique HILA!

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